Horror story Britain: Woman raped in two separate incidents in one night

Horror story Britain: Woman raped in two separate incidents in one night


Every day in modern Britain we hear some horrendous news story about what’s being done to our people by those who shouldn’t be here in the first place.


The latest is particularly awful and sounds like it came straight from the plot of a horror film.


From the Evening Standard:

Police have issued images of two men wanted after a 14-year-old girl was raped twice in one night by separate attackers, one of whom she flagged down for help.

The girl, who was originally thought to be 15, was subjected to the horrifying ordeal on Tuesday night.

A major investigation continues into the incident, which happened in and near a train station in Birmingham.

It is now believed that two men approached the victim in Witton station at about 8pm and led her to a secluded area, where one of the men raped her.

At about 2am, the victim was in the station in a “disorientated state” and left by the entrance.

She walked away from the station and flagged down a passing vehicle.

When she got into the vehicle she was raped for a second time, police said.

The police have now released CCTV images of two of the suspects, and we urge anyone with any information to report it to Birmingham Police. We hope the girl who suffered this heinous attack is able to make some kind of recovery, and we hope, too, that her attackers are brought to justice, though sadly that’s very unlikely in horror story Britain.