Remembering John Tyndall

This month of July is the Anniversary of the death in 2005 of John Tyndall. We remember the huge and vital contribution that this great British nationalist made to our patriotic cause. John Tyndall was a man gifted with enormous talent, courage and energy. J.T., as he was known to his friends, devoted his whole adult life to the saving of the British people. John Tyndall recognised and exposed the Westminster political Establishment as an evil, criminal regime of traitors plotting and planing the genocide of our people. Tyndall waged an unrelenting, life-long political war against those traitors: against those in Parliament, in the media, in academia, against those politicians ensconced in power in every town hall in the land. By his campaigning Tyndall earned the hatred of those in power. Well, John Tyndall returned that hatred and added to it his well-justified contempt.

John Tyndall made the National Front in the 1970s a house-hold name. Under his leadership, the NF’s most famous and acclaimed policy and slogan was: “Stop Immigration. Start Repatriation.” Under his leadership the National Front fielded in the key 1979 General Election no less than three hundred Parliamentary candidates: an unprecedented and astounding achievement.

The 1970s National Front, under John Tyndall’s leadership laid the foundations for all future successes of British Nationalism. Every policy, every strategy, every tactic was successfully pioneered by the NF in those dramatic, exhilarating years. Under Tyndall branches were established nation-wide; new recruits learnt the basics of political campaigning, how to run a branch, how to inter-react with the press and media; whole generations of Nationalists passed through the political school that J.T. founded. Without exaggeration, every nationalist success can be traced to J.T. For example, when British Nationalism won their first ballet-box victory, with BNP candidate Derek Beackon winning the London Borough of Tower Hamlets by-election in 1993, J.T. was the BNP chairman. By this time J.T. had successfully rebuild British Nationalism and founded the BNP following the NF’s demise. John Tyndall was a builder; against all the odds J.T. could win. J.T. had the measure of the failure of the old, discredited parties; Labour, Tory, Liberal-Democrat, they are all the same, and they have all failed Britain. In any and all circumstances, faced with any political problem, the best response that any Nationalist can make is to ask oneself, What would J.T. do here ?

John Tyndall, 1934-2005. R.I.P. May his spirit remain with us.