NF and NOP stand together against abortion.

The NOP, England Division activists have conducted two  anti-abortion operations in the United Kingdom which have taken place in the capital city of London and the market town of Doncaster.

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In London, nationalists from the National Rebirth of Poland accompanied by National Front activists picketed the Polish “medical center.” As abortion is illegal in Poland this clinic is frequently visited by Polish nationals.


The medical center offers a wide range of services however the most notable of these is abortion.

This murder on demands involves killing fetuses for up to 24 weeks after conception, at 24 weeks a baby would considered viable and with a chance of survival of survival if they was born prematurely.


The macabre headquarters of death is housed in a rather dingy building in Tooting in the so-called “Polish Quarter”.


Another anti-abortion activism  was later undertaken by NOP activists who picketed another abortion clinic in Doncaster (South Yorkshire). The Brave NOP first demonstrated at the abortion clinic at Danum Lodge Clinic before moving their banner to another area.


At the end of the activism they scattered several leaflets around the building and left several others in easily viewable locations.


The modern-day trend of having an abortion to fulfil one’s career would be ended under a National Front government – the life of the unborn child, the most innocent and vulnerable form of human life will be protected. Under a National Front government the days of abortion being used as a form of post-coital contraception will end. The 1967 Abortion Act is a crime against humanity and abortion will be outlawed in all but the most extreme cases. These cases include:

Where medical opinion asserts that there is a genuine and serious danger to the health or life of the mother if the pregnancy is allowed to continue
Where medical opinion asserts that the foetus is seriously damaged or malformed

Where a mother has conceived as a result of rape.


A link to the NOP article can be found below. Please click the link here to read about their good work.




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