A comment on the July 1967 the Sexual offences Act .

In July 1967 the Sexual offences Act was passed into Law by Parliament.

This Act of Parliament legalised for the first time in this country homosexual acts. This Act of Parliament decriminalising homosexual activity between two consenting adults in private, was promoted by the Labour Member of Parliament, Leo Abse and passed into Law by the Labour Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins. The age of consent for homosexual activity was set at 21 years of age. Later the Conservative Member of Parliament, Edwina Currie, attempted to lower the age of consent to 16 years of age. She failed in her attempt, but during the time of Tony Blair’s Labour government, Parliament went ahead and voted to lower the age of consent for homosexual activity down to 16 years of age.

In the 1950s, at the beginning of the campaign to decriminalise homosexual activity, the supporters of the campaign made the plea to permit and to legalise homosexual activity between consenting adults in private. The comment can be made here: if the activity concerned was strictly between consenting adults and in private, then for what reason did the Law have to be changed ? If the activity was restricted to consenting adults in private, then nobody else would be the wiser, hence obviating the need for Her Majesty the Queen to give Her consent to this particular Act of Parliament.

Meantime in this perversion of Britain, the homosexual lobby has become so  powerful that homosexual “couples” are now permitted by Law to adopt children. It is an abomination that little boys and girls  should be in the care of a “daddy” and a “mummy” who are in fact to two adult men. No decent, caring society would tolerate such an abuse of children’s innocence and vulnerability. The political power of the homosexual lobby was on show at the recent Gay Pride parade in London, when Parliament gave its consent for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) Rainbow Flag to be projected for the whole week-end onto the Houses of Parliament. A spokesman for the House of Lords explained that Parliament wanted to show its support for the Gay parade.

The homosexual lobby has come a long way from “consenting adults in private”.