Less than a quarter of people think Islam is compatible with British society.

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Less than a quarter of people think Islam is compatible with British society


A new poll has found that only 23 percent of people living in the UK think that Islam is compatible with British society.


The poll was carried out by YouGov for the German Handelsblatt newspaper and surveyed people in various European countries to gauge their opinions on issues such as Islam and national identity.


It found that 47 percent of people in the UK thought that there is a “fundamental clash” between Islam and British values, whereas only 23 percent said that Islam is “generally compatible” with our country’s way of life.


The poll was taken a few days before the Manchester bombing, in which Muslim terrorist Salman Abedi murdered 22 men, women and children. Had polling been carried out subsequent to the bombing, these figures would almost certainly have been even more pronounced.


The poll also asked respondents if they felt Britain’s national identity is being threatened. The results were almost the same as the previous question. Fifty percent said yes, and only 21 percent said no.


The findings echo similar numbers from YouGov polls in previous years that have asked the same question.


The results of the survey are hardly surprising. Western Europe has witnessed more than a dozen major terrorist attacks since the beginning of 2015, which collectively have killed over 300 people. Meanwhile, Britain has been subjected to an epidemic of Muslim grooming gangs that have claimed hundreds of victims across the country. And those are just the ones we know about.


As is always the case with such matters, the majority, or at least the plurality, of public opinion is in harmony with the policies of the National Front. The National Front is the only political party that would ban Islam in Britain, stopping the otherwise inexorable spread of this vile and destructive alien cult.


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