Hilda Still another anonymous victim of the genocidal policies.

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Today we pay tribute to a victim of the muggers. Mrs. Hilda Still, aged 87, was robbed and killed just outside her home in Battersea, South London.


The vulnerable pensioner had for years lived in fear of the muggers. One evening in June 2003 she returned home and was confronted on her door-step with her worst fears. Hilda Still was found dead on the ground, “unlawfully killed” as the coroner’s inquest ruled.


A Negro youth was recorded on CCTV to be near the scene of the crime but nobody has ever been charged with her killing.

Who apart from her grieving family and friends knows or remembers her dreadful fate ? Hilda Still was just another British victim of the endless line of victims of the multi-racial, multi-criminal chaos forced onto us by the party politicians at Westminster.

In all probability she had lived all her life in Battersea. As a child and as a young person growing up that part of South London she would have had happy memories, but then came Mass Third-World Immigration and then came the street crime, the muggings, the riots, and Hilda Still’s secure and familiar world was destroyed for ever. She and her friends and neighbours learnt to live permanently in fear. Hilda Still was yet another anonymous victim of the genocidal policies enacted and forced onto us by anti-British politicians. She was not the first victim of the muggers and she will not be the last.

Hilda Still, R.I.P.