June 22nd 1948 the Day Third World Invasion to the UK first began!

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When you look at our Capital City London and other towns and Cities across our once proud and free land, when you see the hoards of non white faces, do you ever wonder when this mass colonization of our country first began?

As far as we know the first Blacks were in England in Elizabethan times, the Blackamoores as they were known came from Guinea but a few also came from North Africa, they were very few in numbers, in 1555 five Africans were bought to England to learn English, the reason for this was to help interoperate with trade deals.

It is also rumoured that there were blacks before Elizabethan times but very very few, black musicians playing at the Courts of King James IV, Henry VII and also Henry the VIII.

But it was in Elizabethan times when blacks were first noticed on the streets of London when they were bought over to work as House Servants.

After a while and after many complaints against these newcomers Elizabeth 1 decided that the Blackamoores and Negro’s be expelled from our shores, nothing happened to start with until 1601 when the Queen ordered a Royal Proclamation, an edict of expulsion and expelled back to their country of origin they went.

It was 347 years later on the foggy morning of June 22nd1948 when the Empire Windrush, a former German passenger ship sailed up the River Thames heading for the Dock in Tilbury.

Once she docked her cargo of 492 Jamaicans from Kingston Jamaica left the ship.

Only 3 years earlier in 1945 the guns fell silent across Europe, millions were dead on the bloody battlefields, the best of Europe had been slaughtered in a second fratricidal Brothers war.

When you look at Britain and the rest of Europe today it is very easy to see that non of us were the victors in those wars of pointless slaughter, the victors were the money men, the slaughter of millions of British people enabled the money men to get Parliament to allow them to import human cargo from the 3rd world to supposedly replace those that were lost in the war and to fill the job positions that were now empty due to those that lost their lives.

And so it was on the 22nd June 1948 the human replacement began.

Since that day it has continued, successive Governments have betrayed the British people, The 492 that arrived in Tilbury was nothing to what the Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath allowed between 1972-73, Heath allowed 40,000 Ugandan Moslems to settle in the UK, These were of course the Ugandans that had been expelled by Idi Amin.

The majority of these Moslems settled in Leicester in the East Midlands, the result of this through breeding and continued immigration is that the indigenous people of Leicester are now in a minority just as they are in several other British towns and Cities including London our Capital, as confirmed by the 2011 Census which revealed white British people in London made up only 45% of the population.

For many years now we have seen the results of this mass third world immigration, Riots, the Grooming of our young girls, Rape, murder and a huge rise in gun & knife crime, and of course terrorist attacks, this is not a figment of a nationalist’s imagination, these are facts.

Britain now has over 750 Mosques and over 80 Sharia courts.

Britain’s Police Force and our health service are stretched to the limits because of third world immigration, am I making this up? Of course not, try taking your self or your child to the walk in centres or A&E at Rochdale or Oldham hospitals and see how long you have to wait in the queue, as the queues are full of those that originate from the 3rd world.

So when you shake your head at the state of our towns & cities you can thank Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee as he was the Prime Minister on June 22nd 1948 when that boatload of Jamaicans arrived at Tilbury Dock on that Misty Foggy morning.

Kevin Bryan


National Front