Our time is NOW

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Our time is NOW – Join the National Front


Dear fellow men and women of Great Britain. There has never been a time of greater need for a successful nationalist party in our country than today.


Recent weeks have shown just what uncontrolled immigration from the Third World brings to our shores – as if most of us didn’t already know. We have been subjected to three horrendous Islamic terrorist attacks in the space of just 73 days – and with Britain now being home to at least 23,000 potential jihadis, future atrocities are not just a likelihood but an inevitability.


Anti-white crime is rampant. Muslim paedophile gangs have been allowed to get away with raping our young girls for years thanks to a cowardly police force and political establishment who ignored their plights for fear of being called “racist”.


Every day white people are demonised and taught to hate themselves by the degenerate media. Every day mass non-white immigration continues to swamp our country at an untenable pace, fast diminishing the white percentage of the population year on year. And every day British people and culture are gradually being erased and replaced.


Our once-great country is now a sick, dangerous place in which to live – and as long as the anti-white establishment remains in power it’s only going to get worse.


But there is still something that can be done.


With the collapse of the civic nationalist party Ukip, there is a void to fill – one that needs to be filled with a genuine racial nationalist party.


We don’t have long, but we do still have a chance, if we join together and organise in a single movement, one that fosters nationalist unity and co-operation. One that understands that a successful patriotic movement needs to be active both at the ballot box and on the streets.


While there are several other small nationalist parties in Britain, the only one on the ascendancy is the National Front. We are the country’s longest-running nationalist party, and the only one that has never compromised its racial ideals. Ours is the unrelenting stance needed to withstand and fight back against those who oppose us and threaten our very existence as a people.


We have a plan to grow our party over the next five years, including a large-scale recruitment drive and running efficient, hard-working local election campaigns. We aim to re-energise patriotic activists left on the sidelines, while continuing to bring new people onboard. With your help, we can still turn Britain’s fortunes around, but only if we act now.


Let us come together to save our country, in one party – one movement – and let that movement be the National Front.


For our people, for our future.