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This morning South Wales National Front was contacted by the Guardian newspaper asking questions about the incident at the Finsbury mosque in London. They sent pictures of the van driver to myself, Mr Adam Lloyd, Wales regional organiser and other members asking if this man was know in the National Front here in Wales. This seems like a desperate attempt by the powers that be to try and link this lunatics actions to a legal, legitimate political party!

The man in question is not known to any of us here in South Wales National Front, and to our knowledge is not and never has been a member!

We will never condone or accept this kind of violent attacks here in SWNF,

We do not believe that this happening can be classed just yet as a terrorist attack. The NF position is that it more likely to be the actions of an individual who is taking the law into his own hands. The NF roundly condemns all attacks that result in the loss of life and so many injured but it is far too early to be certain of the reasons. It may well have been the actions of a man driven to an extreme. It sounds very much like the balance of his mind was tipped by all the recent Islamic state terrorists in their murderous attack against White Christian Europe

Incidents like this are only going to increase as two different cultures clash thanks to the failed multicultural and multiracial experiment forced on us by successive corrupt governments and their puppet politicians!

The ONLY political party in Britain with the policies to end this madness is the NATIONAL FRONT! A full, humane, and phased reparation policy that would over a period of time reverse non white immigration to secure a safe future for our children.

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