Grenfell Tower enquiry?

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As the first victim of the Grenfell Tower block blaze has been named it will come as no surprise to those who know the demographic make up of the capital city that they are indeed unsurprisingly not one of “us”.


Whilst the National Front does not wish to tarnish the memory of those who perished or downplay the severity of the tragedy however it must be brought to the forefront that the first victim named in the fire is “Mohammed Alhajali” a Syrian refugee who only came to the UK in 2014 having left his family behind in the warzone despite being of military age himself.



When reading media articles and interviews with friends and neighbours a common theme is how the UK has “failed him” as he came here for safety.
If that logic is to be recycled and reused then the government be held accountable for having failed all of the recent victims of terrorists as they expected to be “safe” when attending music concerts; except of course individuals of foreign decent had other intentions.
A obviously question that needs answering is how can a refugee find himself housed in one of the wealthiest borough in the country whilst indigenous homeless people are forgotten within the capital city? If a heterosexual white male was to apply for council housing their name would be added to the bottom of a list with the understanding that they would need to wait an average of ten years before being housed.
As per the charity “Shelter” a charity which focuses on tackling homelessness in the UK there are an estimated 170’000 homeless in the capital city. How can it be that the government is unable to house those whom live on the streets but is able to find new property’s for the occupants of the tower block locally within an estimated time of 3 weeks?

So how can an individual who has never paid into the system be allowed to be pushed to the front and milk the system for all its worth whilst having contributed nothing?


Please click the link below to listen to Deputy Chairman Tony Martin reporting on the situation from outside Downing Street.




At least the homeless population in London can count on the National Front to hold their interests to heart in terms of regular food banks an out reach activities.


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