Another day, another Muslim rape gang scandal

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Another day, another Muslim rape gang scandal


Overshadowed by the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Manchester and London was the news that yet another Muslim child rape gang investigation is underway.


This latest horror story comes from Keighley, West Yorkshire, where police are probing 179 new cases of rape and sexual exploitation of young, vulnerable girls by alleged Muslim offenders.

The crimes involve 165 suspects and more than 100 victims, many of them children, according to reports in The Sun and The Telegraph. The scale of the investigation has led to fears of it being “another Rochdale”, which, sadly, is hardly surprising, given that Keighley was already known as the “grooming capital” of the UK.

Last year 12 Muslim men were jailed for more than 140 years between them for their part in the abuse of a single victim in Keighley.

The 13-year-old white girl was repeatedly raped by the gang in encounters arranged by violent drug dealer Ahmed Al-Choudhury over 13 months between 2011 and 2012. On one occasion, she was gang-raped by five of the men who “lined her up” and took it in turns to abuse her.

Throughout the girl’s ordeal, she was known to the police; however, as the case had been in the Rotherham and Rochdale scandals, she was found to have been ignored by authorities, who were accused of failing to properly investigate the abuse for fear of being labelled “racist”.

Unfortunately, similar findings in respect to this most recent investigation would hardly come as a surprise. The truth of the matter is that young, vulnerable white girls will continue to fall victim to these horrific crimes as long as Britain is ruled over by an anti-white establishment that imports and propagates a substantial Muslim population.

Only the National Front’s principles of repatriation and halting immigration will bring an end to these horrific and widespread crimes – a vote for any other party is an endorsement of their continuation.

Join the National Front today, and take action to protect our girls from Muslim rape gangs.