Sheffield Nationalist Meeting

National Front speakers, speak at pan-nationalist meeting in Sheffield

Yesterday (10th June) Nationalist from many different parties met in Sheffield for a very informative, uplifting and positive meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jordan and speakers included Richard Edmonds, Andrew Brons, Steve Frost and Kevin Bryan. All the speeches can be seen or listened to below.



The National Front’s Richard Edmonds gave the first of what was to be an afternoon of inspiring speeches. Richards spoke about terrorism and the support and admiration of terrorists by governments both home and abroad.

The next speaker was the British Democratic Party Chairman, Andrew Brons. Andrew spoke about nationalist complementarity (Different organisations doing different things, but in a mutually supportive way), shared ideologies and differences in strategies.

The Third Speaker was Steve Frost, Secretary of the British National Socialist Movement. Steve spoke about the abdication of Edward VIII and State intervention and subversion. Steve’s speech can be listened to below


The last speaker was Kevin Bryan, Chairman of the National Front. Kevin Spoke about Nationalism, the enemy amongst us, the General Election and genocide of the British People. Below is the video of the speeches by Richard Edmonds, Andrew Brons and Kevin Bryan.