National Front history.

This month of May is the anniversary of the National Front’s breakthrough in the 1977 elections to the then Greater London Council:

a hundred and twenty thousand Londoners voted National Front, scoring the mould-shattering percentage of 5.7 %. This magnificent and unprecedented success made the National Front a house-hold name right across the country. After this electoral breakthrough the National Front was taken very seriously by the media pundits and those with an interest in politics.

The National Front had won this magnificent result by campaigning on the burning issues of crime and immigration. This electoral success did not come out of nowhere: the NF had been campaigning hard: up and down the land, the NF had fought Parliamentary by-elections one after another in a rising sequence of success: Coventry, March 1976, 986 votes; Carshalton, Surrey, March 1976, 1,851 votes; Rotherham, June 1976, 1,696 votes; Thurrock Essex, June 1976, 3,255 votes.

At the GLC election of May 1977, Londoners seized the chance to vote NF, they could see that civilised life was in danger of being destroyed in their city. And Londoners turned to the National Front as their champion. From this historic result you can see what a path-finder and pioneer the NF was: it would be another thirty one years before Nationalists, this time in the form of the BNP, would score such a political breakthrough when BNP candidate, Richard Barnbrook, got elected to the Greater London Assembly with the support of one hundred and thirty thousand votes (5.3 %) in 2008.

The feature image is of a publication released by the National Front in the 1970s which is just as relevant today.