New Chairman New beginning.

At yesterday’s meeting of the National Front directorate Kevin Bryan officially took over as party chairman once again, following the resignation of Dave McDonald.

Kevin has many plans to take the party forward, including a National march and rally in the East Midlands in August.

Kevin has also announced that the National Front will not be contesting any seats in the General Election, it is Kevin’s belief that all Nationalist Parties will in this General Election see their worst votes in many years and also the UKIP vote will collapse.

The National Front has 5 years to build and prepare for the next General Election, in the meantime the Directorate have been asked to select candidates and start working target wards for the local elections next May, members need to get active and known in their local communities.

Kevin also said the Party Facebook page can be used to bring in new members for our cause.

please follow the link to join the National Front online, also the Party would like to appeal to members & supporters to donate using the PayPal button to help us purchase a new lazer printing machine, as the Party moves forward we need to be able to print our own leaflets & stickers instead of paying large sums to commercial printers.


Please join, donate or both using the link below.