Immigration: where do we stand?

Immigration: where do we stand?

The National Front believes that the world contains a rich diversity of races and consequent cultures. We believe in the preservation of these races. As each race has evolved it has developed its own social structures, customs and culture. These are different for each race and have been built up to suit the character of each separate race.


In the case of Britain, the National Front upholds the wish of the majority of British people for Britain to remain a white country, with customs and a culture which have been developed to suit our national character. Consequently the National Front would halt all non-white immigration into Britain and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation of non-Europeans to their homelands.


The National Front believes that this is the only way to halt the steadily-rising racial tension and violence that is becoming part of everyday life in modern Britain.


In regards to white immigration, this would only be allowed where there is a specific necessity, such as the need for particular skills.  Political refugees would be dealt with under International Law which requires them to claim asylum in the first safe country, which is unlikely to be Britain.  Until the problem of unemployment is solved, the National Front would seek to keep such immigration to a minimum.


But how does our policy of a complete halt to future immigration and repatriation of non-whites from our land compare to other so- called “nationalist parties” within the UK?


Well let’s take a look; in the next section I will quote and analyse various aspects of the other nationalist parties in the UK and discuss how their manifestos and policies do not actually seek to resolve the current situation we find ourselves in.


British National Party


  •  “stopping all further immigration into Britain “
  • “No amnesty for illegal immigrants”




The former flagship of British nationalism the BNP has a similar policy to the National Front in halting all future immigration but lacks a policy of repatriation. But what does this mean in practicality?


As stated in their policies they would permit the non-Europeans that currently dwell in our lands the right to remain, and society would continue its gradual decline.


To put this in simple terms, to allow them to remain would simply slow the genocide of our people and not halt the process.


An example of how this scenario would play out –  as per the 2011 census the white population of the UK represented a mere 81.9%. This policy  would allow for nearly 20% of the population who have no right to remain to continue to live here as British citizens. With every passing year the percentage of non-whites in the UK increases and this would continue to do so albeit at a slower rate without further immigration. If we do not address this issue it will simple lead to genocide via the back door!


The National Front will not only stop all further immigration into the UK, but we will also implement a policy of repatriation for non-Europeans to ensure that our way of life and people continue.





British Democratic Party

  • “Is committed to ending all immigration.”
  • “Illegal immigrants and immigrants who have committed serious criminal offences would be repatriated immediately. Other immigrants, especially the unassimilable ones, would be provided with incentives to return”


The British Democratic Party, much like the BNP ( from which they are an off-shoot) have a very similar policy to the National Fronts’ in terms of halting all further immigration into the UK. However where our parties differ greatly is in the policies on how to deal with the issue of non-Europeans living within our borders. Whilst they maintain sensible polices about deporting foreign criminals they fall dramatically short as a “nationalist party” with their policy to only deport unassimilable immigrants.


Much like with the British National Party’ this does nothing to remove the elephant in the room of the exploding demographics of the non-white population and their exceptionally high birth rate.  However that is not the only issue here as their policy would see a form of state forced integration between our two societies as they wish for assimilation of the remaining immigration population which can only be their intention after the deportation “non- assimilable immigrants”.

The figure that would need to be integrated as per the 2011 census is just under 20% ( 1 in 5 of the population). These people would need to mix and interbreed and co-exist within our society. This shows the British Democratic Party to be nothing more than a civic nationalist party at best where waving the British flag confirms your status as a British citizen.


An example of why their policies will fail when put into practice is evident in areas with high immigrant populations such as London. In the capital city the White British population has fallen to a mere 45%. If the other 65% are not illegals and for the sake of argument we assume hold jobs and are not “hate preachers” they are entitled to remain in this country as are their descendants who for all intents and purposes by BDP standards are “British”.


The National Front will stop all further immigration into the UK and implement a policy of repatriation for non-Europeans.


We do not seek to find immigrants who can integrate into British Society we seek to secure our homeland for future generations. If we allow integration we allow all that comes with it and the destruction of our race.





English Democrats

  • “There should be a points system for entry to the UK”
  • “Immigrants should not be a burden on the taxpayer and should be economically self- sustaining.”

The English Democrats portray themselves as an English nationalist party however there is little evidence of this within their policies. Upon review of their policies (some of which are sensible and mirror our own), their immigration stance simply serves a capitalist agenda of benefiting big business and seeks to destroy and undermine the working class communities.


As per the English Democrats’ manifesto they only intend to halt immigration into the UK of those who intend to abuse and exploit our already milked-dry benefit state but they intend to take no action against waves of immigrants who will come to Britain to take our jobs and reduce wages. This only benefits the ruling classes as the working class will be forced to work for lower and lower wages or find themselves unemployed as companies will simply import labour instead of training internally or sourcing from the local populace.


This reminds us of the 1948 post war folly of a “shortage of labour” which tricked the public into opening their arms and countries to important immigrants from the colonies to colonise the homeland on the pretence of helping the country to find prosperity. This is false and serves only to undermine the already fractured poor white working class communities throughout the UK many of whom are struggling to find employment.


Furthermore the offspring of those who pass the English Democrats’ point system will then be integrated into British society to mix marry and breed with our own children.


We at the National Front do not want foreign workers to take jobs in the UK. Where possible we will look to train people within the UK to fill vacant positions and give youngsters inspirations and careers to work towards.



Britain First


  • “if you are loyal to Queen and Country then you are welcome to join our organisation. “Race” does not feature in our policies or outlook in any way.”
  • “Completely halt any further immigration except in special cases such as genuine marriages”

As a nationalist organisation Britain First is little more than a sham.


One of the keys points on the Britain First website is how they are not a racist organisation and are inclusive of all peoples; it then proceeds to portray scores of African and Asian “British Patriots” who have all pledged loyalty to the queen.


Similar to other nationalist parties; Britain First has several sensible policies such as halting future immigration but then shows its true agenda by advising it will allow immigration into the UK if it is in the form of inter-racial marriage ( as per the direct quote above). The children of such marriage can never be considered European as they share no common ancestry or characteristics with our people.


A final issue to be addressed to Britain First and their immigration policy is that it is flawed by a dim witted view of patriotism – the idea that waving the flag makes you a citizen! It fails to address the ever increasing population crisis within our country and where it briefly touches on the subject it skims over vital issues on the understanding that those who pledge loyalty to the queen should be granted a full pardon.


Britain is swamped by non-Europeans and we do not wish to see our nation become a mongrelised nation of flag wavers.




The National Front is about racial loyalty and preserving the future of our homeland for our children and not preserving a society blindly loyal to the house of Windsor.


We make no apology in pointing out that these people no matter their loyalty cannot be considered British. We further point out that those wishing to marry with non-Europeans have our full support in residing In their spouses homeland as the invitation to return here does not extend to them.




Liberty GB


  • ” Demand that immigrants assimilate into British life”
  • “Black and Asian Britons have suffered too as newcomers have moved into their localities, taking scarce jobs and housing “





Liberty GB is simply put an anti-Islam party at best. Their manifesto makes reference to how immigration has affected the Black and Asian communities within Britain but makes no mention the fact that there should be neither Black nor Asian communities within Europe or begs the question how one can be Black/Asian and British?



As is a common trait with false nationalist parties they do not address the issue of repatriation but rather promote their own version of state forced integration to overcome the blatant issues that are part and parcel of multiculturalism.




Liberty GB will assist in two things; halting your local mosque application and assisting your daughter with finding a non-white husband to assist with his integration into society.




How does this compare with the National Front? We are a racial nationalist party and do not support peaceful coexistence or societies within our homeland. We will not only close the border but remove the need for forced assimilation by introducing forced repatriation.





UK Independence Party

  • “We believe that Europeans should receive the same treatment as non-Europeans. We recognise that an appropriately qualified German doctor has the same rights to apply to work in the UK as an appropriately qualified Indian doctor.”
  • “Bringing UK net migration down to 50,000 people a year for employment.”




The UK independence party should be applauded for its role in assisting the British people in leaving the European Union.




However under a UKIP government, as per the above quotes taken directly from their website, they would permit up to 50 thousand people per year to migrate to the United Kingdom to take up residence and to take our jobs. Whilst this is certainly a decrease to the current immigration numbers it does not account for the families the 50,000 permitted immigrants will bring with them to add to the population.




Not only does UKIP not have a policy of repatriation and so therefore will be completely undermined within the space of a few years in the demographic battlefields it also as per its own manifesto does not differentiate between a fellow European who is qualified for a position in the UK and a non-European who has applied for the job. This means in 99% of the cases the job will always go to the non-European on account of being willing to work for lower wages. It has long been noted that UKIP is staunchly anti-European which is a view we highly disagree with as racial disunity seeks to only further the multicultural and globalist agenda of our enemies.




The UK independence party is a single issue party and now that they are no longer relevant in British politics must politely take a step back to allow other vital issues to be address.


The National Front will allow no further immigrants into the UK and will enforce a policy of repatriation. If there is a shortage of doctors then they will be trained from the many people in the UK who aspire to be doctors.


It is foolish to think the only option for labour is to import it from abroad when by training our own we can give them careers and aspirations beyond working for the minimum wage.




The solution


Europe belongs to the Europeans. To slow the decline of our race by removing only part of the problem will seek only as a temporary relief. If we do not deal with the large non-white population already within our borders then we no matter what our actions are, we have already failed.



The National Front is Britain’s only racial nationalist party and we do not shy away from confronting the issues directly!



We will halt all further immigration and start repatriation of non-Europeans back to their homelands and through doing so we will avoid the inevitable racial conflict which we currently experience.