Chairman address South West Forum.

We must first extend our congratulations to the “South West Forum” and its organisers for standing strong in the face of adversity in light of the recent attack from anarchists who attempted to sabotage the former meeting in which other National Front activists was speaking.


Upon receiving his invitation Kevin Bryan the National Front chairman had no hesitation in accepting and subsequently became the main speaker. The meeting was attended by approximately 50 people who was seated in a prestigious venue flanked by a fully manned professional security detail on hand in case of future troubles. However once bitten twice shy and fresh from their bruises and battered bodies they received last time was not so keen to show their faces again!


A good day was had by all involved and a link to Kevin’s speech can be found below which goes in depth to discuss how Nationalism found its self in its current predicaments and how it was undermined from the inside and collapsed due to internal in fighting and how the future is bright for nationalism in the UK as we come together reformed and reborn.

The National Front has a legacy to uphold; a legacy of hard hitting policies and dramatic street activism.

We will continue to see the National Front grow as our activists continue to speak at events around the country and new members are signed up daily.

We hope you enjoy.