South East Alliance, Brexit Demo

Report, by Richard Edmonds of the London demo against Immigration and for Brexit:

Following the Government’s official triggering of Article 50, Britain’s Exit from the European Union, on Friday the 31st March,  dozens of patriots  including National Front members marched through  the very centre of our capital city, demanding that Mrs. Teresa May and her Tory cabinet get serious about leaving the hated European Union and get serious about the dangers to the native-born British of continued Mass-Immigration.  The demonstration was ably organised by the South East Alliance  (SEA) and was led by the SEA’s leader, Paul Pitt.

To my pleasant surprise, the Police had given permission for us  to line up at the base of Nelson’s Column for a group photo . In the Spring sunshine of the late afternoon,  our flags and banners made a bonny sight.  We  then paraded down Whitehall with our flags and banners  held high, past the Cenotaph to our agreed site just opposite Downing Street, where we held an open-air rally for some sixty minutes. The speakers included the National Front deputy chairman, Tony Martin, who condemned Mass-Immigration, ” Immigration causes  house prices to rise and wages to be depressed. This is the simple logic of the Law of supply and demand”, Tony emphasized. Tony Martin was followed by Jez Turner of the London Forum. Jez made a characteristic  fiery speech, in which he quoted Alfred the Great at King Alfred’s final victory over the Danes, ” These foreign invaders are not going to take our women away from us,  in stead we are going to drive them out of our land and send them back to where they came from.”  With these words Alfred, the only English king to be called  “Great”, inspired his men to win the battle.  SEA leader, Paul Pitt, was the master of ceremonies.  Paul conclude the rally with a well delivered and powerful call for a united effort to drive the party politicians from elected office.

The atmosphere of the demo reminded me of similar brave efforts of the NF in the early 1970s.

There follows a summary of Richard Edmonds’ speech at this rally:

“Friends, we all know that the vote  at the Euro-Referendum was a vote against the mass-Immigration of millions of foreigners into our land; and a vote against the traitorous politicians who have allowed and encouraged this mass-immigration, and who lie at every election. Tory governments. Labour governments, it makes no difference, they are all the same and they all lie at every election. Tory leader, David Cameron, got himself elected Prime Minister  at the 2010 General Election on  the promise that his government would reduce immigration down to a few tens of thousands per year. What a lie. Last year the Tories let in a half million more foreigners into our country. And Labour lies at every election, because Labour never tells the voters that they want to change the demographics of Britain.

“Labour always lies. The Labour Mayor of London lies when he tells us that Terrorism has always been a problem in large cities. That is a lie. The older ones of us remember a better Britain, where soldiers and police officers were not stabbed to death in the street;; where pedestrians and tourists were not mowed down in the name of some alien god. We remember a better Britain where there were no muggers on the streets and no Islamist terrorists plotting to maim and murder us. We remember a better Britain, before the politicians invited the world into our country.

“But the good news is, that the seventeen million winning votes cast at the Euro-Referendum by seventeen million angry patriots, trumps the votes that the party politicians get at any General Election. With the Brexit vote we have all witnessed the public and final rejection by the British people of the professional liars of the party-political regime presently ensconced at Westminster.”