Scarborough and North Yorkshire Branch Meeting

Scarborough and North Yorkshire NF Branch meeting, held on Saturday, 18th March 2017, at a venue in North Yorkshire.

The meeting, chaired by Branch Organiser, Trisha Scott, was well attended, by National Front members and supporters.

Trisha opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, some here for the first time, and from various parts of the country. She drew attention to the plight of several patriots / nationalists who were now serving prison sentences for standing up for their beliefs and our race and nation, one of whom, Martin Corner, should have been speaking at the meeting.

The first speaker was then introduced – the Branch Secretary, Louise, whose talks usually focus on the achievements of great British folk, and on this occasion it would be those from our home county, Yorkshire. She spoke about steel production (Brearley) and how the once great steel industry had all but gone, to be replaced by cheap imports of largely inferior quality. Also covered were Capt Cook, the explorer, and George Cayley and Amy Johnson of aviation fame.

Thanking Louise for her talk, Trisha then introduced the second speaker, Richard Edmonds. Always in demand and popular, Richard spoke of the ongoing betrayals of the British people by the liars that are our ruling politicians, of all parties, since the last war. How the mass immigration, never voted for by the people, has changed the face of our towns and cities across the country, even to he extent that we now have several Muslim mayors, including London itself – our capital city!!! Even the most popular boy’s name in this country is now Mohammed!! However, he said that the people are now waking up to what is happening, as seen in the recent votes for Brexit here, and for Trump in the US. And we are now on the brink of a new order!

After the sort break, Trisha introduced the third speaker, the former Chairman of th National Front, Kevin Bryan.


Kev opened by briefly mentioning the coming National Front rally, to be held next month in Lincolnshire. He then went on to speak about the EU and the damage done to many British industries and jobs by our membership. Industries such as fishing, and the loss of many of our fishing fleets, coal mining, farming and the Armed Forces. In addition to this widespread harm, he also condemned the EU’s immigration policies, which were creating serious problems across Europe. He closed his speech by saying that only the National Front in government could secure the future of our race and nation – this delivered in his trade mark, rousing tones, which drew rapturous applause from the appreciative audience.

Trisha then thanked everyone for coming along, thanked the speakers and closed the meeting..