National Front and South East Alliance Joint Meeting

Report of the Nationalist meeting organised jointly by London National Front and the South East Alliance (SEA) on Sunday, the 19th. March, 2017:

Several dozen patriotic and experienced campaigners met in a smart venue located in East London to plan joint activities. Friendly relations between these two groups were not new. We had supported each others activities for a long time. One thinks for example of the successful joint activity at Dover in September 2015, when contemptuous of the opposition exhibited by the anti-patriotic Left, the activists of the National Front and the South East Alliance marched with discipline through Dover with flags flying proudly and holding high the banners, ‘Stop Immigration’. “Victory in Dover” was the headlines.




We want to repeat these successes and so we held this joint planning meeting. The newly appointed East London organiser of the National Front, Kevin Layzell was the first speaker to address the meeting; other speakers then followed including the Kent spokesman of the SEA, Mac. After an interval during which many copies of our NF publication, ‘The Flame’ were eagerly sought, the two main speakers then gave us their ideas of future activities, Paul Pitt, leader of the South East Alliance and Tony Martin, London regional NF organiser. Richard Edmonds was the chairman.

It was a happy event and clearly a success; we all saw that we had every thing in common. As Paul Pitt said, we fight for the White man and his family. We believe in the Truth and we believe in the power of the Truth. It is our political opponents who to their shame are the liars. We believe in Britain, said Paul, and we know that if we are united then we will win. This strong affirmation of faith in our people summed up the mood of the meeting.