Hull Meeting

Meeting Report

Sunday’s meeting in Hull was a great success. There were about 50 of us, some National Front members and British Movement members, but also a lot of ex-BNP and other Nationalists. There was a great atmosphere at the meeting. The idea of having an all-Nationalist meeting with a range of Nationalist speakers proved to be a winning formula. And of course Kevin Bryan and Richard Edmonds made it clear that we see the NF as the nationalist organisation for the future.

At this all-Nationalist meeting there was a range of speakers. The first was a local doctor who gave us a moving account of the high personal price that he had paid as an active nationalist campaigning for our patriotic cause. In spite of the number of professional positions that he had lost together with  income  and status,  it was admirable that the good man expressed no regrets for his championship of the British  people.


The next speaker was former leading BNP official, Mark Collett. Mark gave a polished speech that really held the audience. Mark informed us that he took part every week on Dave Duke’s American radio show. The key question, he stated, was how newly elected US president, Donald Trump would perform. We are living in new times, exciting times with great potential for our movement.


Richard Edmonds

National Front member Richard Edmonds was the next speaker. Richard asked, Why are the Whites so demoralised ?: only a really demoralised people would tolerate so dumbly  the massive and wicked betrayal committed by the vicious, shameless and useless party-politicians. Richard said, the two world wars had knocked the stuffing out of the white race. Look at all the names , the British names, inscribed war-memorials from one end of the country to the other. Those men who marched away from every town, city and village in this country never to return: Those men were betrayed. When you look at modern Britain, you know that those men were betrayed by the party-politicians..


Steve Frost , the Secretary of the British Movement, spoke of the need to promote our racial-nationalist ideology amongst the rising generation. Steve said, the BM does not contest elections, we want to change how people think:, he said,  we want to put some radical ideas into peoples’ heads;  our people need  to think racially; our people have to understand that now it is  a question of the very survival of the white race.


Kevin Bryan

National Front Directorate member Kevin Bryan expressed his belief that only the National Front can save the British people now. Kevin said that the NF believes in a twin-track approach:  we support street activities: we go to the people and tell them  what the problems are; we take part in the electoral process because that is how to win the support of the people in order to obtain the mandate necessary to save our nation. In the past both the NF and the BNP have won very respectable votes at the ballot-box. We are all waiting to see what happens with UKIP. Meantime Kevin announced that the National Front will be holding a St. George’s Day march this April. Kevin invited all those present to attend,.


In conclusion Sunday’s meeting was a success. All credit to the organisers and to the team who laid on the buffet.