New Year Message From The NF Chairman

May I wish all of our members and supporters a Happy New Year.

I would also like to thank all of our members and supporters who helped our party in 2016. Without your support we are nothing. Thank you.
This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and we would like to invite you to join with us as we celebrate this milestone. There will be social events taking place all through 2017 and we will also be producing commemorative merchandise. We will keep you all updated as the year goes by. We are now processing membership renewals and new memberships and I would like to encourage you to renew your memberships if you haven’t done so already. We are the ONLY hope for our country and we feel very confident that in time we will make an electoral breakthrough. We have seen off many fake nationalist parties and organisations over the years and we gave a commitment 50 years ago that we would never ever water down our policies and this will never change. We are the only party in the UK who would repatriate all non whites from our country and this is the main policy that brings members into our party.
Join us as we march forward and let’s make 2017 a hugely successful year for the National Front.
Dave MacDonald
Chairman, National Front
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