National Front members supporting RVF

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Recently the Racial Volunteer Force (RVF) held a demonstration outside of the Royal Holloway Campus in support of two of their activists who had recently lost their jobs.

The two activists who worked at the campus were employed as cleaners with one of them having an eight year track record and as seasoned nationalist activities neither of them brought politics into the work place however following a recent demonstration in Whitehall against the Shomrim police they was told their services was no longer welcome.

The Shomrim is a private Jewish police force that operates in areas with a high Jewish population. These imitation police believe themselves to be above the British law which we are all subject to and drive around in fake police cars patrolling their areas which is illegal in the UK but of course no prosecutions have taken place. The idea that one group of citizens can launch their own police force which is praised by the police whilst another who commit the same offence when they operated their sharia patrols in East London was heavily demonised by the press and the police shows the stark contrast in modern society with what certain chosen groups can get away with. The demo was in support of equal rights for whites. We demand the right to protect our own interests if other groups are granted that right.

Two of the activists who attended the above were identified and subsequently dismissed from their jobs. Unfortunately this is part of the state’s plan to subdue any resistance to their new world order as they know men have to support their families and they will attempt to stifle our resistance anyway they can.

The National Front had several representatives in attendance in support of the Racial Volunteer Force to show our solidarity at their unfair dismissal and demand justice in the name of free speech and equality in the UK!

Rights for all but not rights for whites as it would appear in modern society.

We wish the RVF well in all its activities and we hope to stand with them in the future.

For race and Nation we will prevail!

Below is a link to the speeches of the demonstration and of the various speeches given.