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On the 23rd June 2016 the British people voted in a Referendum to Leave or Remain in the EU, a ballot paper was issued on the day and you were given two simple black and white choices.

Had the British people had voted to remain then that would have been the end of it, for a couple of days it would have been rammed down our throats that Democracy had prevailed, the British people had spoken and the British people had decided by a majority to remain in the EU.

That of course would have been the scenario the Politicians, the media, the Bankers and the rest of the pushers of One World Government would have liked.  However, on June 23rd the exact opposite happened, despite months of a one-sided media campaign where everyone who was someone stepped out in favour of the Remain camp. The multi millionaire celebrities were shouting how they were voting to remain and those wanting to leave were racists and xenophobes. Politicians and financial speculators were telling us a vote to leave would be a disaster for Britain, how Britain would be isolated from the rest of Europe and the world.

So on the 23rd June, and with their heads filled with months of scare mongering by all and sundry, the British people went to the Ballot box. Now as someone that stands in elections on a regular basis you get used to election day and seeing people going to the polling stations with their heads down, you just know that these people are going in to put their cross alongside Lib/Lab or Con. I sometimes think that the reason they don’t talk to you, and walk past you with their heads down, is because they are filled with guilt and they know a vote for Lib/Lab/Con is a vote to further the destruction of our once Great Nation.  Of course the ones that do talk to me on polling day make it clear that they are voting for me and most stop and have a chat whereas the ones voting for Lib/Lab/Con very rarely stop to chat to the candidate they are voting for, you watch them and it is a robot mentality and as we know many vote for who they vote for because their parents and Grandparents voted for that Party.

But on June the 23rd 2016 I sensed a different atmosphere at the polling stations, people were going in with their heads held high, people were chattering away and I could hear many of the conversations and people were openly divulging that they were voting to leave the EU, many of those that usually ignore me on election day were proudly telling me that they had voted to leave.

Personally I was sceptical and I feared ballot rigging, you could also see how the smug Politicians already thought they had it in the bag before the people even went and put their cross on the ballot paper, the powers that be thought they had done enough brainwashing to secure a remain vote.

How wrong they were! The downtrodden hard done to British People had had enough and this was the one chance to show their disgust to the Politicians that continue to betray them, to stick two fingers up to the corrupt entity that is the EU and to finally protest that they THE WHITE BRITISH PEOPLE had had enough of immigration and their country being swamped.

Because lets make no mistake about it, the millions of non-white immigrants voted to remain as it was in their favour to vote remain.  But the indigenous people from the North East and all down the East Coast, across Yorkshire, the North West and the Midlands, down through Essex and the South East coast, across the South West and in places that still remain populated by the indigenous people, they voted to Leave. However, in London, our Capital City, where the 2011 Census showed that white British people were now a minority, voted to remain, that was in the Capital but the East London working class neighbourhoods of Havering, Barking and Dagenham and also Bexley and even a few neighbouring areas in the Thames estuary voted to leave, those places are of course still mainly white working class areas.

On 23rd June forty six and a half million people turned out to vote, the result was that 51.9% voted to leave and 48.1% voted to remain, compared with normal elections the turnout was fairly high at 72.2%, there was also twenty six thousand spoiled ballot papers.

So that was it, the people had spoken; Britain was to leave the EU, well actually NO! It is not quite that simple, you see the 48.1% that voted to remain along with the Bankers, the Politicians and the Celebrities cannot accept the outcome of the Referendum, they want another Referendum, the first Referendum was not democratic enough because the result was not in their favour, we’ve seen the lefties and the lovies parading through London proclaiming the result should not stand and it sent out the message that Britain is racist to the core, these are of course the people that usually shout at the top of their voices what a wonderful thing our good old democracy is, that is of course until it goes against them, one of the worst advocates of Democracy “when it suits” is the odious leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, twice now Democracy has worked against her and twice now she has not accepted the result.

All of those protesting about the vote including the Politicians are just tools of the real controllers and there is no way the real masters are going to make it easy for Britain to leave the EU.  The majority leave vote goes against the plans for One World Government.

So I woke up this morning to see the headlines that the Prime Minister cannot Trigger Article 50, a High Court ruling has ruled that Parliament has to vote to trigger it, well speaking as someone that has no trust in our Politicians, I very much doubt that Britain will be leaving the EU, our MP’s do not represent us, they represent their Pay Masters, Money is their God and nothing else, be it morals or ideology, be it the good of the nation, nothing counts but their financial rewards and their pension pot.

Almost immediately after the Brexit vote, the then Prime Minister David Cameron fled his post, he had to go, he had let his Pay Masters down, so off he went resigning his position as Prime Minister and also resigning his position as a Member of Parliament.

We also saw on the run up to the Brexit vote the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn come out in favour of the remain camp, Corbyn has of course all his life been an opponent of the corrupt EU. What made Corbyn change his mind? Time will tell but you can almost guarantee financial rewards and maybe the prospect of eventually becoming Prime Minister. As someone that understands Politics I found it ironic to see Communists like Corbyn and all the lefties & Libtards joining forces with the ultra Capitalists of the EU, this goes to show as myself and others have said all along that both Capitalism and Communism are blood Brothers created by the same Judeo-Marxists, the same race of people have always been at the helm of both Capitalism & Communism, steering both ships but all heading into the same Port.

At last months Conservative Party Conference the now Prime minister Theresa May announced she would trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017, this would set in motion proceedings that would finalise our departure from the EU. But Lord Chief Justice yesterday ruled that the Prime Minister does not have the right to set Article 50 in Motion, The Prime Minister has said she will appeal against the ruling, this will only delay things, its like the whole system is now employing delaying tactics in the hope that it goes away and the British People forget they ever voted Brexit.

Well we have to ensure that we never forget and that on June 23rd 2016 the British people spoke out loud that we wish to leave the EU.

If it ever goes to a vote by our MP’s then every man woman and child should make sure we converge on Parliament in our millions, we should surround the House of Treason and we should fill our Capital City and we should march like the mighty armies of the past, we voted to leave and we should make our voices heard.

The Politicians can do their worst but WE ARE THE PEOPLE!