Statement Regarding Facebook and Demonstrations

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National Front Facebook Pages

Over the past year or so there has been a problem with “NF” Facebook pages not being properly run. There has been swearing and some of the pages appear to be more of a laugh than a political page. This is something which is currently being addressed.

The NF is not against Street Action be it pickets; public meetings; protests and of course marches. The NF believes in many paths to power- through elections to street protest.

We believe that the role of the National Front is to hold demos and stand in elections. We hold demos to tell the people what the problem is then stand in elections to offer the people a solution.

White Lives Matter

At a recent directorate meeting the White Lives Matter demo in Margate on 22nd of October was discussed and due to this demo taking place in Kent (under the same police force as Dover) there is a strong likelihood of violence and mass arrests (hopefully this will not be the case). Some Facebook pages were unclear as to whether this was a National Front event or not, although we understand that this was never the intention of the demo organisers. Of course White Lives Matter to the National Front, we just feel that confrontational demonstrations are not the way forward to electoral success for our party and although confrontation is not what the organisers of the demo have planned it is no doubt what the police have planned.

National Front members are not prohibited attending the White Lives Matters March on 22nd of October but we do recommend that anyone going exercises caution.

Official FaceBook Pages

The following are the recognised National Front Facebook pages (If anyone runs a page that is not included please let me know):

National Front Official

West Midlands National Front

National Front London

NF Scotland

National Front Glasgow

South Wales NF

Scarborough and North Yorkshire NF


Tony Martin

National Front Deputy Chairman