Southampton National Front Meeting

Report on the Meeting in Southampton 14th August 2016

 This meeting was organised by the National Front as an open informal meeting for all nationalists from Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth.

It was a very successful meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Mike Easter who made the following remarks:

‘Nationalism’ in the UK is split up into ineffective bits.  He felt that some of the reasons for this were clash of personalities but that the main reason was that most nationalists did not understand what nationalism meant.

Nationalism is the recognition that man is not able to live and survive as an individual but requires the support of others.  Consequently, in turn, he must consider the other members of the nation.  There is a balance between individual needs and that of the nation.  This is unlike the politics of the last 50 years when it has been what we can do for you, you, you, and not what is good for the country as a whole.  In his opinion, we should regard ourselves as genuine socialists – the Labour Party are Marxists and Troskyites not socialists.

(Nationalists understand that within the nation we are totally dependent on the work and good will of the other members of our nation. (This is true socialism and not to be confused with Marxism.) For the purposes of illustration, one should imagine that on waking in the morning, there is no electricity, no water, and no food in the shops. Total chaos would ensue.  Extract from )

Mike also said that besides the matter of political policy there was the quite separate matter of structure and organisation.

A member brought up the fact that he has been asking for the details to set up a standing order in favour of the Party after the last system was shut down and another member was very interested in getting the Party structure in place.

Richard Edmonds gave a short, but very positive speech on the theme that the 17 million votes cast for Brexit were our votes

After this informal part of the meeting Richard Edmonds gave a short, but very positive speech on the theme that the 17 million votes cast for Brexit were our votes by which he meant that people voted not just for Brexit but as a reaction to the corruption in public life and Parliament and the endless invasion by foreigners.  This speech was recorded and can be viewed below.  Send a copy to your friends!

Mike Easter

South East Organiser.

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