Croydon Advertiser attacks National Front in run up to election

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The Croydon Advertiser is busy campaigning against the National Front in Croydon and Sutton.

Tom Matthews
Advertiser Activist Tom Matthews

On 29th April, Croydon Advertiser political activist Tom Matthews published a slur in the Croydon Advertisers claiming that Richard Edmonds (our candidate in Croydon and Sutton for the GLA) ‘did not respond to requests for comment from the Croydon Advertiser’. In actual fact Richard had emailed the Advertiser along with other publications, a press release of his reasons for standing, this press release was ignored and no ‘request for comment’ was received by either Richard Edmonds or his election agent Tony Martin.

To give some background to this incident – the Croydon Advertiser is a paper sold in working class areas of Croydon for around 90p and distributed free of charge in more well to do areas. In 2010 the Advertiser made notional donations to the Conservative and Labour Candidates for Croydon Central along with other candidates in the General election and it is highly unlikely that these donations were included in the election expenses of any of those candidates. The Croydon Advertiser and Gavin Barwell MP were genuinely unavailable for comment.

No response from Advertiser
No response from Advertiser

Conservative MP Gavin Barwell, who is currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Service for electoral fraud is a regular columnist in the Croydon Advertiser and has previously supplied them with illegally obtained information about a constituent. The complaint against Mr Barwell was made by London National Front and if found guilty Barwell could face up to 1 year in prison, although this is unlikely to happen this could be the motivation for the Advertisers attack on the National Front in the run up to the GLA elections in 3 days’ time.


Richards press statement of 12th April this year can be read below:

Greater London Assembley
GLA Candidate Richard Edmonds

“Press statement of Richard Edmonds, the National Front candidate for the Greater London Assembly constituency of Croydon and Sutton, polling day 5th. May 2016:

Richard Edmonds is a retired engineer who has lived and worked in London most of his life. Civilised living in London is threatened for the majority of us by people’s justified fear of ever present crime, and by the social alienation suffered as mass-immigration transforms our city into a non-British Tower of Babel where it has now become almost impossible for young Londoners to find an affordable home of their own.

Yes, Richard agrees, it is good and nice to help others, but when the situation is reached where Mohamet is now the top name for baby-boys across the whole of England and Wales, and when babies born to indigenous British parents are now born as minorities in our own Capital, then it time and it is legitimate to put the interests of our people first.”

Richard Edmonds emailed the Advertiser on the 29th April to correct Tom Matthews’s article only for the same incorrect article to be posted online on 1st May.

I have now received a tweet from Tom Matthews (the Croydon Advertiser activist responsible for the attack) claiming that he received Richards press statement and photograph but asked for an interview and received no response. When informed that Richard hadn’t received his request and asked why he hadn’t used the original press statement or phoned Richard on the number provided to arrange an interview, his response was to block me on Twitter.

Tweets with Tom Matthews
Tweets with Tom Matthews