Tory MP, Gavin Barwell – overspent on General Election campaign.

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London National Front has been looking into the election campaign expenses of Conservative MP for Croydon Central, Mr Gavin Barwell. Barwell is one of the most pro-immigration MP’s in the Tory Party, previously claiming that “All migrants are natural Conservatives”.

How to buy a marginal seat.


Croydon Central was one of the closest marginal seats in the country at the 2015 General Election, with Barwell winning on the night by 165 votes.

Anyone can make an appointment to view their local candidates election returns at the local town hall until one year after an election has passed so once the election returns were filed our team made an appointment to view the expenses of the candidates at Croydon Town Hall only to discover that Jon Bigger of Class War hadn’t filed a return and that the local sitting Conservative MP Gavin Barwell and his agent Ian Parker had adjusted their figures to fit conveniently inside the Spending Limit for the Short Campaign. The Spending Limit for the Short Campaign for the Croydon Central Constituency was £13,390.26 but Team Barwell had spent £14,468.49 instead meaning that they had overspent on the campaign by the amount of £1,181.01 but with some creative accounting on their part that may or may not be legal, Barwell and Parker both claimed that over 50,000 Conservative Election Leaflets that were meant to be delivered in Croydon weren’t and so they deducted the presumed cost of the leaflets which they said was £1432.75 from their Total Campaign Expenditure which put them comfortably around £350 under budget and thus within the Law.

London National Front then reported both Class War and the Conservatives to the Metropolitan Police Service, who thanked us for taking the time to bring it to their attention and promised to look into it.

In March of this year Barwell released a book titled “HOW TO WIN A MARGINAL SEAT” – Which details his own Personal Account of his Election Campaign that took place for the Westminster Parliament during the previous year in the General Election of 2015. In his book Barwell Braggs about how in his first 5 years as an MP he had harvested data including the Email Addresses of around 10,000 Croydon Central Constituents and he also complained that Smaller Parties shouldn’t be included in Election Hustings. But on Page 201 of his book is where you will find the ‘Smoking Gun’ when Barwell claims that on “18th April 2015 around 200 Tory Party activists went out and delivered 50,000 leaflets in one morning”, the only problem with this being that the leaflet in question was one of the leaflets that according to his Election Expenses only 42,500 had been delivered and the other 7,500 were deducted from his Election Expenses Return. This was also reported to the Police.

Also if the Conservative’s claim that half of the leaflets were put out in Croydon South is to be believed – that would mean that a similar amount of volunteer man hours (around 600 hours) were put into the safe Tory seat of Croydon South in the immediate run-up to the General Election even though Barwell’s neighbouring constituency was one of the closest in the country and over fifty thousand of his leaflets went undelivered.

Finally, in Gavin Barwell’s book he claims that “Between the Short Campaign, The Long Campaign and before the Controlled Period on Election Expenses started he had a budget of around £90,000”.


Disclaimer: These are the views of Tony Martin and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Front.