Richard Edmonds’ second election video of the campaign

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Richard Edmonds, the National Front candidate for Croydon and Sutton in the Greater London Assembley has released his second election video of the campaign.


Richard has also released the following statement which has been sent to local media outlets:

Press statement of Richard Edmonds, the National Front candidate for the Greater London Assembly constituency of Croydon and Sutton, polling day 5th. May 2016:

“Richard Edmonds is a retired engineer who has lived and worked in London most of his life. Civilised living in London is threatened for the majority of us by people’s justified fear of ever-present crime and by the social alienation suffered as mass-immigration transforms our city into a non-British Tower of Babel where it is almost impossible for young Londoners to find an affordable home of their own.

Yes, Richard agrees, it is good and nice to help others, but when the situation is reached where Mohamet is now the top name for baby-boys across the whole of England and Wales, and when babies born to indigenous British parents are now born as minorities in our own Capital, then it is time and it is legitimate to put the interests of our people first”.

Anyone wanting to help out with Richard’s campaign in Croydon and Sutton or wanting to help out with Kevin Layzell’s campaign in Heaton Ward, Havering please contact London National Front: [email protected] or 020 8114 4673