Multi-Racialism promoted by advertising

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Subliminal but not subtle -multi-racialism & forced integration is constantly in the front rooms of every house in Britain.
Every house that has a TV that is which is probably about 99% of them.
I have been outraged for quite some time regarding the amount of suggestive and often subliminal Race Mixing which features on a large number of TV advertisements.
The original offender was the now notorious Benneton which also backed up its extensive television campaign with billboard advertising the length and breadth of the country.
Benneton seems united-colors-benettonto take a perverse delight in leading the field in that it seems impossible for it to mention its products with the grotesque ‘United Colours of Benneton.” (Speaks for itself)
We now have every advert involving bedroom furniture and DHS is the main offender, featuring a happy multi-racial family complete with a happy smiling bunch of mixed race children.
I don’t know if it’s permissible to say ‘mixed race’ anymore. I do know I am frowned on when I use the phrase I was brought up with – half-cast. Offended liberal eyebrows are raised and that terrible word ‘Racist ‘ appears in a dark speech bubble above my head.
I have tried to find if the British Advertising Authority have set guidelines that ALL advertising should reflect the sickening ‘Rainbow Nation ‘ the chattering Liberal Elite are trying to foist upon an unwilling White population.
I can’t find any such directives but as I am pretty certain of the Cosmopolitan makeup of the advertising industry  (Saatchi and Saatchi – what a giveaway! ), are pursuing their Eternal Goal of a One World, One Race which is the eventual goal of our New World Order Masters.
In the meantime try and boycott those companies twisting the minds of our people through insidious TV advertising.
Eddy Morrison (2016)