Aberdeen community council must find new venue after National Front chairman’s election


Cllr Dave MacDonald, National Front Chairman


An Aberdeen community council has been told to find a new meeting place after the chairman of the National Front was elected as a member.

The democratic group received a letter from the board of Inchgarth Community Centre asking them to find a new place to meet as Dave MacDonald’s political views contravene the centre’s equal opportunities policy.


Letter from Inchgarth Community Centre


The letter stated: “Mr MacDonald is the leader of a political party which promotes hate towards many people who would use and volunteer in the community centre.”

Mr MacDonald told his fellow community council members that when he had served on Mastrick Community Council no simmilar problem was encountered.

Mr MacDonald was elected to a seat on the community council in October and appointed chairman of the National Front in November.

Paul O’Connor is both chairman of Inchgarth centre’s board and chairman of the community council.

Community council member Irene Buchan said it was up for the centre to decide what is best for its users.

Community councillor Robert Murchie said he felt that while everyone was entitled to their own opinion, extreme views can be difficult for people to accept.